Calm Friday

Pensive Birgitte Bardot

In order for me to avoid becoming too sluggish about my schedule, I’ve aimed to get up at the same time as Baptiste’s alarm goes off, around 8.00. I usually have planned an outfit, and defined a list of tasks that should be done by the end of the day.

Nevertheless, it is Friday today. Which was just another great excuse to sleep in. This week has been all about getting my first freelance gig and I can’t remember last time I have felt this busy meeting people and spending hours in front of my Mac, without really producing much. It feels like I am working very slowly and my attention is scattered among taking care of leads, building my website and doing accounting.

The outfit is a nice mix of colors that really do not match… But at least I have my stroke of lipstick on!

It is quite frustrating to focus on four very different things, not really knowing what comes first. I feel tired and distracted, and when arriving at Tøyen library an hour ago, I realised I had forgotten my charger. Typical…

So as you can see, I am not in the mindset to be very glamorous today. But I am trying to set myself up for relaxation and calmness. My super comfy burgundy velvet shirt is saving me on these cold days in Oslo. And a spritz of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Mimosa definitely helps to freshen up my mood today.

Wishing you all a comfy and calm Friday!

First Glamorous Friday!

Each Friday I am inspired the lovely blogger the Glamorous Librarian.

For about a decade she has kept a tradition of making her Fridays glamorous and writing about it on her blog. Over the years she has gathered a community of followers who share their Fridays. (She had a blogging break for a while, which made me a little nervous she wouldn’t come back. I absolutely adore her posts!)

Making your Friday glamorous can be everything from wearing your favourite blouse, to drinking a tasty tea in the morning, or something entirely different that makes the day feel a little more special than any other weekday. I have really fallen in love with this little tradition.

My Friday has been made a little extra glamorous with a recently opened perfume – Fleur de Pecher – a zesty spring composition by Karl Lagerfeld. I have been saving for proper spring to come around. I added a very light stroke of my brightest Sensai lipstick, because I couldn’t be bothered to get it perfect today. The company that I am working for today has a fancy coffee machine, and I am looking forward to spoil my lipstick on a shot of espresso.

Hmmm. Not so convinced with uploading selfies every Friday. But let’s try…

Later today, my recurring visitor from London is flying in. I have prepared some birthday presents, and will be shopping some dinner ingredients and a nice wine before I meet him at the station later tonight. My apartment, which is actually just a room with a kitchen, will be a mess with the two of us living together for a month, but it will be nice to have him around for longer. It is a pretty good Friday indeed!

Hello, long-awaited Friday

What a tiring week this has been.

It is rarely, if ever, that I have encountered sexist behaviour from colleagues. And this week, my confidence bubble about how far we have come with women rights, even in Europe, got a solid burst.

I wanted to check in this Friday telling you how I did a little something glamourous before the weekend, but instead I felt like sharing something else: I hate it when people get away with demeaning, sexist behaviour just because it is part of “their culture”. It utterly pains me to think of that women around in the world are harassed, if even the most subtle ways, on a daily basis.

The guy that made a remark towards me was not Norwegian. I am pretty confident that if he was, there would have been consequences. And I am happy that a female colleague stepped in and spoke up – and also cheered me up with a nice comment in the end.

Just a little reminder to support each other!

On a happier note: it is Friday! And for those of you who are starting your easter vacation, have a really wonderful one. I am heading for my mother’s house on the countryside, taking almost the entire week off work and I am hoping to see tulips and daffodils in the garden. It will be a very good place to get away from this week’s craziness, and perhaps even meditate a bit and do art.

Happy weekend to you all!