Perfume Rotation, Spring

So far this spring I am enjoying four scents from my collection.

Juicy Couture – Juicy Couture

This first perfume in the Juicy Couture line is described by many as a hidden tuberose gem,  being very different from the rest of the perfumes in the line. I absolutely love tuberose, and here it is blended with notes like watermelon and caramel, and it works surprisingly well! There is something about this scent that reminds me of watching a spring evening sunset by a fireplace, eating Norwegian lapper (small pancakes) with brown cheese. Having multiple glasses of wine and kissing.

Neroli & Orchidee – L’Occitane

Such a retro little concoction. It reminds me of Orchidee by Yves Rocher – a perfume I sniffed a lot when growing up. One little spray of this and I feel very much at home anywhere. This a very discrete, comfortable and modern version of Orchidee. A very fitting choice for the office.

Green Tea Honeysuckle – Elizabeth Arden

I have very muched jumped on the Green Tea bandwagon this year. Green Tea Revitalize was my first perfume in the collection. Revitalize is crisp, and actually very fitting for late winter or early spring. Honeysuckle must be the youngest sister in the Green Tea collection. She is refreshing, a tiny bit immature before she dries down on the skin and smells very rounded and clean. This was a blind buy, but as most of the Green Teas, it works nicely on my skin.

Quatre En Rose – Boucheron

I cheated a little with starting to use this in early in spring.

But I couldn’t help myself! Quatre En Rose is my go-to scent when I feel summer couldn’t come soon enough. The blackcurrant and rose are so deliciously blended together.  My friend says this is comes of a little “slutty”. And I agree that it is sexy and confident, but not in a cheap way. It reminds me of Armani – Si, but it is neither as overpowering, nor as sweet.

I’m not a fan of picking favourites. I like all my perfumes and they all work for different moods and occasions. That being said, I have reached for Juicy Couture very often this spring. My 30 ml bottle is almost halved since it was new in March! I was craving that cozy feeling paired with a little sensuality, and Juicy Couture gives me just that.

If you try it, let me know if you find yourself sniffing the bottle and smiling. I guess that must be a true sign of being the “scent of the hour”. Don’t you think?