The cherry tree garden

Hello blogger-friends!

Not many things have changed since I last posted here. Things are moving along job wise, but I am waiting on settling a project so I can start focusing on trying to get back to a routine. As fun as it is to break routines once in a while, or even often, I do enjoy rebuilding new and good ones.

This weekend I took time away from the city and visited my mother on the countryside. My favourite thing about visiting her in the spring is to see how much the garden around our house has grown compared to the last time I was around.

In the month of May we have the gorgeous cherry tree blossoms.

Beautiful tulips in all shapes and colours. Our house is situated in a mountain valley, so our tulips come quite late.


My mom gave me a bouquet of Lilly of the Valley when I went back to Oslo yesterday. I completely understand why my great grandmother chose a bouquet of these as her wedding bouquet. They are just so sweet, lush and simple at the same time.

Buzzing bees in the rhododendron blooms make me happy.

And admiring these black tulips from the warmest spot in the garden. While reading and having coffee.



The blooming cherry trees are astounding this year. We pruned our trees earlier this year, and weather conditions so far have been perfect. If everything goes well from now on, we should have a lot of cherries in July and August.

But for now I will enjoy the fresh rhubarb that I brought with me back to the city. Hopefully I will have time to make myself a quick rhubarb crumble this weekend.

Wishing you a lovely start of the week!

I am hoping to be back here sooner than later…

Calm Friday

Pensive Birgitte Bardot

In order for me to avoid becoming too sluggish about my schedule, I’ve aimed to get up at the same time as Baptiste’s alarm goes off, around 8.00. I usually have planned an outfit, and defined a list of tasks that should be done by the end of the day.

Nevertheless, it is Friday today. Which was just another great excuse to sleep in. This week has been all about getting my first freelance gig and I can’t remember last time I have felt this busy meeting people and spending hours in front of my Mac, without really producing much. It feels like I am working very slowly and my attention is scattered among taking care of leads, building my website and doing accounting.

The outfit is a nice mix of colors that really do not match… But at least I have my stroke of lipstick on!

It is quite frustrating to focus on four very different things, not really knowing what comes first. I feel tired and distracted, and when arriving at Tøyen library an hour ago, I realised I had forgotten my charger. Typical…

So as you can see, I am not in the mindset to be very glamorous today. But I am trying to set myself up for relaxation and calmness. My super comfy burgundy velvet shirt is saving me on these cold days in Oslo. And a spritz of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Mimosa definitely helps to freshen up my mood today.

Wishing you all a comfy and calm Friday!

Music right now

Lately I’m enjoying the album “What Color is Love” by Terry Callier.

It is hard to define a single genre that this album belongs to. “What Color is Love” is an elegant collection of folk, funk, jazz and blues. Callier’s tender lyrics and passionate voice are beautiful elements that give the album continuity. Maybe this makes the album so interesting to listen to, over and over again, from start to finish.

At the same time, these songs are very comforting. Perfect for cold, rainy spring days in Oslo.

You Goin’ to Miss Your Candyman was funny enough my gateway song to this album. I first heard the song on a Late Night Tales compilation, made by the Cinematic Orchestra. (The Late Night Tales compilations are a great way to discover new favourites and are small gems in themselves.)

A garden break in Lisbon

At this very same time last year, me and my friend Michelle went for a conference trip to Lisbon. We decided to spend a couple of extra days to enjoy the city.

I did an exchange semester in Lisbon a while back, so the trip was a lovely reunion with the city. I remember long walks admiring the tiled buildings, the river, eating Pastel de Nata and overlooking sunsets from the old town, Alfama.

This time I had a little more money and a very close friend with me. Michelle and I rented a gorgeous French-style apartment, which was close to the seafood restaurants, small shops and not too far away from the main square of Lisbon. My favourite part of this little trip was of course – the botanical garden.

As you may know I have a soft spot for everything green. Even more when it is exotic, accompanied by colourful peacocks and surrounding old terracotta buildings. The botanical garden is really worth a visit if you are in Lisbon.

And if you are in town, I also recommend:

New chapter

Today is my first day of working as a freelance designer. I have followed up on some leads, reorganised all my notes and done accounting. Now I’m admiring my gorgeous bouquet, a parting gift from my former coworkers. I will miss them dearly.

After working in companies for five years, freelancing feels like the ultimate blank slate. Maybe things won’t change as much as I imagine. Or maybe they will. Whatever happens, I am repeating my goal to myself: To free up time and focus for the things that matter to me. I have been telling myself that if I could control my time I would learn this or do that. Now is the chance to put those ideas in motion. My challenge from now on is to keep myself busy with enough work. And to find that balance I am searching for.

I am grateful for all the experiences that have given me a chance to build the confidence to take this step. And I am happy to set out on a brand new chapter.