A Weekend in Autumn

After a slow start for my freelancing business, when June came around things took off, and before I knew it all my hours were booked with a lot of responsibilities for the rest of the year.

With a busy, new routine drawing me in, I hoped to eventually learn to manage my time in a way that I had more time for myself. I was hoping to recover from some personal issues, finishing up painting projects and in general, just enjoy life again.

Finding myself repeatedly failing at it, stress started to take the best off me – again. It scattered my focus as well as put me back into some bad habits. Spending money – since I finally feel like I do not have to worry about money. Eating unhealthy – since feeling stressed all the time, makes it easy to justify. Although I have accomplished a lot more in this short time than I imagined, I am longing for proper breaks along the way.

And that is what B and I are trying to do more of. ( Btw, B is my new boyfriend if you were curious. He lives in London but is around in Oslo until the holidays). I am glad to have him around to unwind together. And last weekend we had our first walk together in Østmarka.

The fun thing about going for walks with my lovely B is to be constantly challenged to walk off the beaten path, in the literal sense. Once he heads off the trail, there is not turning back. Until I start complaining about my wet shoes and desperately needing to pee.

In the end, I really appreciated the unknown parts of this beautiful landscape. It was really my kind of “zen”- experience, a beautiful opportunity to feel more in touch with the senses. And when I thought I knew a lot about Østmarka, it turned out to be a walk of small discoveries for both B and me. A bonus was coming home with both our cameras full of photos, and that has not happened in a long time for me!