First Glamorous Friday!

Each Friday I am inspired the lovely blogger the Glamorous Librarian.

For about a decade she has kept a tradition of making her Fridays glamorous and writing about it on her blog. Over the years she has gathered a community of followers who share their Fridays. (She had a blogging break for a while, which made me a little nervous she wouldn’t come back. I absolutely adore her posts!)

Making your Friday glamorous can be everything from wearing your favourite blouse, to drinking a tasty tea in the morning, or something entirely different that makes the day feel a little more special than any other weekday. I have really fallen in love with this little tradition.

My Friday has been made a little extra glamorous with a recently opened perfume – Fleur de Pecher – a zesty spring composition by Karl Lagerfeld. I have been saving for proper spring to come around. I added a very light stroke of my brightest Sensai lipstick, because I couldn’t be bothered to get it perfect today. The company that I am working for today has a fancy coffee machine, and I am looking forward to spoil my lipstick on a shot of espresso.

Hmmm. Not so convinced with uploading selfies every Friday. But let’s try…

Later today, my recurring visitor from London is flying in. I have prepared some birthday presents, and will be shopping some dinner ingredients and a nice wine before I meet him at the station later tonight. My apartment, which is actually just a room with a kitchen, will be a mess with the two of us living together for a month, but it will be nice to have him around for longer. It is a pretty good Friday indeed!

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