Second hand find no. 1

Woven handbag

Monti Belli

Cost: 169 kr (19$)

Condition: Very well used

I just adore my little woven handbag from Monti Belli.

It was a lucky find from Fretex, a Salvation Army thrift store, around the area where my mom lives. It had been used a lot before I bought it, but I still imagine that it will become my “go-to” handbag. It has just the perfect size and my is sizable enough for my DSRL-camera, with which I am having a renaissance these days.

With the consciousness that is around climate change and overconsumption I find it harder and harder to justify buying brand new things. I already feel pretty guilty about my frequent perfume purchases.

The solution is to crave less and being grateful for all the things I already have. In the meantime I am using these second hand finds to “transition” a bit.

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