The cherry tree garden

Hello blogger-friends!

Not many things have changed since I last posted here. Things are moving along job wise, but I am waiting on settling a project so I can start focusing on trying to get back to a routine. As fun as it is to break routines once in a while, or even often, I do enjoy rebuilding new and good ones.

This weekend I took time away from the city and visited my mother on the countryside. My favourite thing about visiting her in the spring is to see how much the garden around our house has grown compared to the last time I was around.

In the month of May we have the gorgeous cherry tree blossoms.

Beautiful tulips in all shapes and colours. Our house is situated in a mountain valley, so our tulips come quite late.


My mom gave me a bouquet of Lilly of the Valley when I went back to Oslo yesterday. I completely understand why my great grandmother chose a bouquet of these as her wedding bouquet. They are just so sweet, lush and simple at the same time.

Buzzing bees in the rhododendron blooms make me happy.

And admiring these black tulips from the warmest spot in the garden. While reading and having coffee.



The blooming cherry trees are astounding this year. We pruned our trees earlier this year, and weather conditions so far have been perfect. If everything goes well from now on, we should have a lot of cherries in July and August.

But for now I will enjoy the fresh rhubarb that I brought with me back to the city. Hopefully I will have time to make myself a quick rhubarb crumble this weekend.

Wishing you a lovely start of the week!

I am hoping to be back here sooner than later…

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