botanical garden in Oslo
Crocuses in early spring
painting a cup

Things finally feel brighter. I have stumbled upon so many good things to be grateful for the last year.

Waking up one morning in late March, I thought to myself: “I am just where I am supposed to be”. As crazy as it may sound, it was a victory to let myself think this. Even if that means that not everyone that I care about is happy, even if things always can be more difficult – I trust in my ability to find things to make myself feel happy,

The sight of spring morning dew. Putting on red lipstick before going to work. The smell of Baptiste’s roasted potatoes with French herbs for Sunday brunch. Living in my tiny 12 square meter flat, which actually rooms all that I need and a lot, lot, lot more. Doing art again. Watching crocuses appear in my mom’s garden. My liberties. My financial situation. My friends supporting me on starting my own business and going freelance. (Oh, that last one I can’t overstate enough. I am so grateful for my friends.)

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

I would always feel that each season is reminiscent of that same one last year. But I hope that this spring holds a lasting change in the air.

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