Hello, long-awaited Friday

What a tiring week this has been.

It is rarely, if ever, that I have encountered sexist behaviour from colleagues. And this week, my confidence bubble about how far we have come with women rights, even in Europe, got a solid burst.

I wanted to check in this Friday telling you how I did a little something glamourous before the weekend, but instead I felt like sharing something else: I hate it when people get away with demeaning, sexist behaviour just because it is part of “their culture”. It utterly pains me to think of that women around in the world are harassed, if even the most subtle ways, on a daily basis.

The guy that made a remark towards me was not Norwegian. I am pretty confident that if he was, there would have been consequences. And I am happy that a female colleague stepped in and spoke up – and also cheered me up with a nice comment in the end.

Just a little reminder to support each other!

On a happier note: it is Friday! And for those of you who are starting your easter vacation, have a really wonderful one. I am heading for my mother’s house on the countryside, taking almost the entire week off work and I am hoping to see tulips and daffodils in the garden. It will be a very good place to get away from this week’s craziness, and perhaps even meditate a bit and do art.

Happy weekend to you all!

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