Easter and orchids


It frustrates me that during almost a week of vacation, and I haven’t found the time to meditate at all. That being said, I have done a lot of nice things:

  • Gone skiing in the Norwegian mountains in absolutely stunning weather.
  • Had quality time with three close friends separately.
  • Baked blondies (white chocolate brownies), eaten lots of French cheese accompanied by an amazing Syrah.
  • Enjoyed orchids, in three different colours blooming at the same time.

For some personal reason, it has been extra difficult to stay in a positive and thankful mindset the last week. I was away from the city all week, and I should have come home feeling full of balance and energy. Instead I feel confused and exhausted. I wished I could share more about the reasons here, and maybe someday I will.

For now I am letting myself have some time feeling a bit down and wishing I had a day extra off. Which is completely fine too.

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